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Driver  - How to Search for Delivery Jobs

Courierbrokers.com makes it easy to find delivery jobs anywhere from your cell phone, tablet or pc 24/7. You can start searching without creating an account and it is free!

1. Click Find Available Deliveries from the menu

2. In the pull down you will find 3 below options. Click either of the first 2 options

Courier Loads – Truck Freight, LTL, Hotshot under 10,000 – for small delivery jobs, mostly couriers
Find All Delivery Postings Courier Loads and Truck Loads – show all job from small courier jobs to truck freight
Advanced Delivery Search – set your search criteria

3. Select a state

The right side shows the jobs you searched for.

Understand a job

Ready Date / Del – Time and date that the delivery gets ready

Deliver – Time and date that the delivery needs to get delivered by

From – pickup address

To – delivery address

Title – job title

Type / Wgt / Mi – Load Type, Distance, Weight

Click More Info button to see details of the job

Change search criteria in Job list view

Select and expand criteria you want to change in the Refine Results section of the left-hand side menu