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Vehicle Type Explained

When filling out a form on Courierbrokers, there will be a pulldown menu to choose the vehicle type.

Below are the description of each vehicle type.

AC AUTO Auto Carrier
CV CARGO Cargo Van
DD DD Double Drop
DT ENDP Dump Trailer
F F Flatbed
FZ FZ Flatbed Hazardous
FD SD/F Flatbed or Step Deck
FV FV Flatbed or Van
Flatbed w/Pallet Exchange
FS FWS Flatbed w/Sides
FT FT Flatbed w/Tarps
FR FVR Flatbed/Van/Reefer
HB HOPP Hopper Bottom
FH HS Hotshot
LB LB Lowboy
PO PO Power Only
R R Reefer
RZ RZ Reefer Hazardous
RV Reefer or Van
RX Reefer w/Pallet Exchange
RG RGN Removable Gooseneck
SD SD Step Deck
TA TANK Tanker
V V Van
VZ VZ Van Hazardous
VA VA Van Air-Ride
VF Van or Flatbed
VR VR Van or Reefer
VV VV Van Vented
VC VC Van w/Curtains
VX Van w/Pallet Exchange