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Driver - Delivery Job Basics

Search for delivery jobs

Registering with Courierbrokers.com provides you with FREE access to thousands of live courier/trucking jobs nationwide. We make it easy for drivers/delivery service providers to find and manage your courier/trucking work by providing you with a set of tools designed to meet your needs. These include auto notification that sends you an email for the job whenever the job of your search criteria you have set up is posted. Advanced search will allow you to refine your search by state, city, weight, vehicle type and more. This tool will enable you to find a specific type of job in an area you are looking for. So if for example, you have a regular route from Los Angles to Las Vegas you have the spare capacity you can use Courierbrokers.com to find an additional delivery job to keep you running at full capacity. Click for more information on How to Search for Delivery Jobs.

Bid on delivery jobs

On Courierbrokers.com drivers/ delivery service can bid on delivery jobs by providing upfront quotes. Bid on the shipments you like, when you like and charge what you think is worth it. Base your bids on your cost structure, making sure to add in a profit. This service is provided to independent truckers, brokers, and freight carriers all across the nation.

Communicate Directly with Shippers

Courierbrokers.com enables you to communicate with one another privately through email and messaging services. Private messaging allows you, to directly discuss payment terms, determine a specific time of pickup or delivery, and work out any special instructions for the delivery job. Also, you will be able to contact via phone calls.

Confirming a job

Once the shipper accepts your job, Courierbrokers.com will send you a confirmation email. You can confirm it to start the job.

Getting Paid

Powered by PayPal

When you sign up to drive with Courierbrokers.com, you will eventually need to sign up with PayPal. (You can do this online. If you have already signed up with PayPal, you can use that account) Once the delivery is confirmed, the pre-authorized funds will be released to your PayPal account. More payment methods will be available soon.

Advertise your business on Courierbrokers.com (It’s FREE!)

Courierbrokers.com allows you to create your profile create your profile and advertise your business on our national directory for no additional cost. Your business address, contact information, description of your business, photos can be added. Courier and Trucker directories provide some key benefits such as giving delivery service providers an online platform to build their authority in a practice area, get reviews, and earn links for their websites. Having an active profile on Courier and Trucker directory will give you a much better chance of showing up on Google when someone searches for you by your name or the name of your delivery company. Create your profile and maximize your visibility!