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What Can I Ship

On Courierbrokers, you will find drivers/delivery service providers with cars, vans, trucks available depending on the size of your shipment. You can ship a wide range of goods, including:

  • Documents.
  • Packages
  • Products (distribution or pickups)
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Real estate bids
  • Garment
  • Furniture (Office, Home)
  • Flower
  • Gifts
  • Freight

Whatever you’re sending, make sure there are no shipping restrictions associated with the items in your packages. Every delivery service provider has shipping restrictions. Restrictions on the items you can ship to how they’re packaged. The following is the basic knowledge of the shipping restrictions that you may encounter, but you may want to check with the delivery service provider you are going to hire.


Breakable items can be shipped but it is strongly recommended that you package so they will not break and possibly create a safety hazard during the delivery.

Depending on the value of what you’re shipping, it could require insurance. Accidents happen and breakable item does break even while the delivery service provider takes the best care possible with your packages. Check with your delivery service provider for packaging guidelines.

The following is general information on shipping breakables.

1. Packaging

Make sure you have the proper shipping supply. Here is a list of items you’ll need to pack fragile items:

  • Boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap or peanuts
  • Packing tape
  • Stretch film

When you pack a fragile item, first, put the bubble wrap around the item, making sure the item is tightly wrapped. Use tape to seal the layer of bubble wrap around the item.

If you have stretch film available, then wrap it all in a stretch film to create an extra layer of protection.

Before you place the item in your box, make sure to seal the bottom of the box using packing tape. Put packing peanuts or an old newspaper to provide some cushion. The box will move over the course of delivery, so you don’t want your item to bang against the sides.

Place more peanuts or newspaper on the top of the box. Make sure you are not packing your box not too tight. If the packing is too tight, you run the risk of a glass item exploding.

Tape the top of the box as well.

2. Label the package “Fragile”

Shippers need to know that the items inside your package are breakable. Mark the package “Fragile” on each side, including the top and bottom.

3. Insurance

No matter how well you pack your items, things happen. If an item is irreplaceable or expensive, consider getting insurance. Delivery service providers offer insurance and may seem the easiest, but you may want to find out about third-party insurance as well. You may find less expensive and better coverage options. Find out about carrier's liability insurance and cargo insurance that they offer which attaches to the cargo while in transit with coverage being extended warehouse to warehouse. Cargo insurance pays regardless if the loss or damage was due to the carrier’s negligence.

Computers and Electronics

Computers and electronics can be big and heavy, at the same time, they are also fragile and require plenty of protection to avoid getting damaged in transit. Generally speaking, batteries should remain in the device, disconnect the cables, accessories. Wrap the computer and accessories separately using packaging material such as bubble wrap. Pack the wrapped computer, electronics in a box, fill all open spaces with packing material to ensure a tight fit. Close and seal the box securely with packing tape.

If you are shipping boxed items in bulk, we suggest pallet packing them for shipment in their original packaging.

Ask your delivery service provider about delivery times, service fees and shipping options. Also, find out the shipping restrictions for each delivery service provider based on how and what you’re shipping. It will also depend on where it’s going that could cost additional fees.

Perishables and Baked Goods

You can ship perishables and baked goods but pack well and contact your delivery service provider for their service options. Some delivery service providers are equipped with temperature contorted vehicles, some are not. Prepared to use dry ice, cooler bag or other coolants especially during the summer months as temperatures rise. As for shipping materials, polystyrene is good to keep perishable items cool. It is good at insulating so it is perfect to keep the food fresh. For e-commerce companies that sell perishable goods online, shipping is a major factor in increasing sales. Offer multiple options for delivery, from low-cost standard delivery to rush delivery, and have a good relationship with your shipping delivery service provider.

TIP: Instead of posting your delivery job on the courier board, look for a good delivery service provider in the directory that offers good shipping options.

Alcoholic Beverages

Mailing and shipping alcohol carries certain restrictions based on the delivery service provider you are choosing. If you must ship alcohol, you’ll need to learn about the specific guidelines and regulations in your state. States have the right to determine their own rules for shipping alcohol in or out of their state. Some places require that you have a license to ship alcohol, while others will accept it as long as it it's properly packaged.

As for delivery service providers, some accept shipping alcohol if you’re licensed to do so, some delivery service providers don’t. Some delivery service providers do ship between selected states depending on the nature of the transaction. Check with your delivery service provider on the packaging, labeling, documents, and adult signature. You should also check the penalties associated with these regulations that recommend you don’t ship in volume.


To prevent breaking your package, make sure it's surrounded in at least a couple inches of soft material like bubble wrap or peanuts. Also, wrap the package with something that can contain liquid if it breaks.

Adult Signature

Some delivery service providers require that a package include the Adult Signature Required option, which states that an adult over the age of 21 must sign for the package in person. Some delivery service providers require a government-issued ID. The Adult Signature Required option may charge an additional fee.

Live Animals, Pets

Find out with your delivery service provider if they accept live animals. Also find out what kind of animals they accept and check their shipping restrictions. Also, check with your delivery service provider if they have experience transporting live animals, if the animal is transported overnight, find out where will they stay overnight or in case of delay. It is best to choose a delivery service provider that sends you updates or you can track the transportation.

Make sure the animal is healthy and can be transported. If very young or very old it can cause some major problems. Transporting pets under 10 weeks of age is not recommend.