There are lots of shipping options of transporting goods from one place to another and one of them is using LTL that is, less than truckload. LTL includes any shipment that weighs between 150 to 20,000 pounds and do not take up the entire truck capacity. It is service offered by freight and trucking companies, that consolidates different freight shipping orders in one truck. LTL service comes between FTL that is Full truckload shipment and parcel carrier or courier delivery.

The advantage of using LTL is that it is considered to be one of the most reasonably priced options. Less than truckload helps to reduce the cost for all, the shipper, the sender, and trucking company. The sender just pays for the space that his goods occupied on the truck. The charges for LTL can be less per pound than say a Hot Shot delivery, depending on whether the carrier rates the job based on destination and transit time or in the case of a back haul load.

LTL is also beneficial for company as there is reduction in the overall cost of shipping there by increasing more profit and leverage. It also offers guarantee to the sender a cheaper rate that FTL freight may not be able to provide. FTL in most cases consist of freight occupying the complete use of a trailer.

On the down side, LTL shipping has longer transit time.
The time taken to delivery the goods in LTL is generally more than a Hot Shot Load. This is mainly because shipment has to be re routed, sorted, loaded into a truck and then redistributed a number of times and must stop to various locations before it reaches it final destination. In case one requires quick delivery Hot Shot will be considered more of a timely option.